Spring Break Is Over! Hooray! Let’s Have Pancakes to Celebrate!

So it’s Monday morning at about 8:15 and all I hear is…

Absolutely nothing at all!

Total Silence!

And I must say it is awesome!!!

I’m such a meanie 🙂 I totally enjoyed being home with the kids all week but since we canceled our trip to Panama City Beach and didn’t do a whole lot besides relax…it was a constant buzz of…“Stop, Don’t, Mom so and so won’t stop this, and so and so won’t do this, can I have something to eat, can I have something to drink, why is the cat in the toilet, I just ate a bubble”. 

The kids went to bed a little late last night and with all the long nights over spring break and the sleeping in, the kids were super tired this morning. So I decided to treat them to a special Monday breakfast. We happened to have a few VERY ripe plantains that needed to be used so I searched for a recipe for plantain pancakes. Even though today was suppose to be my first day of my first Whole 30! Oh well 🙂 I still haven’t finished my book so I am a little sketchy on exactly what I can and can’t have.

I am sure these broke the rules somewhere along the way but they were so good, and very satisfying even without the syrup (which I skipped).

So I happened to find a recipe for… Caramelized Plantain Pancakes with Sweet Cinnamon Plantain Maple Syrup from the PaleoOMG blog.

You can find it here:


I whipped those babies up, skipped the maple syrup. I added a bit of extra SunButter on the top for the kids with a side of berries. They were really good just plain for me 🙂

They have an awesome caramelized taste to them. I LOVE sweet plantains so these were right up my alley. This recipe is a total keeper. Probably my favorite plantain pancake recipe to date.

So they weren’t as pretty as hers but they were so good! Glad I found her blog. YUM!



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