Let’s get this party started…right!

Very quick post…thinking it would be a great idea to start a lil blog to track my recipes and progress through my first Whole30 round. I have been gluten free for about a month and a half and have feel so much better!! I have been trying to follow the AIP protocol but always fall short. My goal is to start a very regimented elimination program and truly find out what things my body likes and doesn’t. So here is dinner tonight. Found it on this blog.


I was looking for a recipe for the old pampered chef clay baking dish that I received my my super awesome mother in law and stumbled upon Tori’s blog and to my surprise it was a gluten, soy, and casein free blog. Jackpot! She sparked my idea of blogging my meals and such because I never seem to remember what I cook. Therefore I never make the same thing twice and that is so exhausting for someone who is trying very hard to be a cooking mama. So this way I can look back and bingo…I know whats for dinner.

Happy Easter Sunday!



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